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Our Puzzle Master loves to play games, and the truth is he has a very strange perspective and  thrives on illusion and deception...

"Many look, but they do not see, 

 just as many see, but do not look!" 

- Puzzle Master 

Can your team see what is hidden right before your eyes and open your mind to the unexpected answers? 


Work together, look closely, think things through and maybe, just maybe you can win and escape the room...


It's frustratingly cool, mind-bending, dynamic, intensely fun, and best of all... Lasers.


*An adult must be present, but does not have to participate with the group.

Choose Difficulty Level:

Teen / Adult / Advanced / Mixed

Help the Toy Maker find his

missing Princess Kitty.

This puzzle is designed as an interactive and fun 

learning tool made to engage young minds

Ages 6-9

Certain fundamental concepts are introduced indirectly in a

colorful living-cartoon game with a need for just enough

 parental guidance to make the shared experience special.  

Your participation as an adult is required as some of the items may be difficult for young children to grasp without a little help.

Please guide them along and work to help them stay focused

on the tasks at hand as best you can… :)

Ages 10-12

The concepts introduced in the puzzle at this level are a

step more difficult and a little more independence is

generally preferred.  Some adult help is still required, but

for the most part as young minds are challenged the

opportunity to see them fully engaged grows greater while

the clock forces a higher level of engagement and focus

so these opportunities are somewhat super-charged.

We are able to make a mixed ages combined puzzle as well.


*At least one adult must

participate with the group.


This puzzle is made to be fun for kids and parents alike!

 We will adjust the difficulty based on group ages.

You can leave a note when booking to further customize the experience. (ie.Birthday, etc.)

         Now OPEN!        
(Players aged 13 to Adult*)

Notorious Bad-Boy Knuckles Kat Jr.

considered by local police to be 

Public Enemy Number One

as the leader of The Trash Can Syndicate

and Boss of the Neverland Mafia, 

is suspected in the catnapping of

Never-Ever-Land's favorite socialite.

Your team of detectives is brought in

to investigate before tragedy strikes and Knuckles can continue his reign of terror.



Can your group figure out

what's going on in time?

*An adult must be present, but does not

have to participate with the group.

Choose Difficulty Level:

Teen / Adult / Advanced / Mixed

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